When you are following a restrictive diet, bulking up can be tough. So, here are few top tips for building lean muscles with a vegan diet:

1. Try to limit the amount of cardio you do each week. While cardio exercises can be great for maintaining heart health, general fitness levels and preventing diabetes, they are not the best for building lean muscles. All cardio workouts use a lot of energy; energy that could be going towards the growth of new muscle fibres. What’s worse, if you exercise on an empty stomach and you have a very low body fat percentage, lean muscle that took a long time to develop will be converted into energy by your body. Just something to keep in mind. You should not cut out cardio workouts altogether, but if you want to build muscles, you have to refrain from becoming a marathon runner. You can also try other exercises to have different variations or better get a home gym equipment.

2. Push your body to the extreme but don’t cause too much damage. To promote new muscle growth, you have to lift weights that push your body. However, if you punish your body too harshly and rip too many fibres, all the excess protein you ingest will go to repair work of tendons instead of muscle growth. Furthermore, if you push yourself too hard, you could be out of commission for a week or more, which means muscles in other areas of your body will start to deteriorate.

3. When it comes to buying vegan protein powders, you have to read the ingredient labels carefully. Not all types of protein powers contain the complete profile of amino acids needed by the human body for lean, mean muscle development. Ideally, you should mix your protein powder sources up. Include powders derived from soy, peas, beans, and rice.

4. Make sure you are getting enough vitamins and minerals. In some cases, supplementation might be needed. Just make sure you look for certified vegan multivitamins, as many capsules contain gelatin, sourced from animal bones.

5. Make sure you are consuming enough calories every day. On a vegan diet, it can sometimes be easy to under eat, as a lot of the dishes are bulky, meaning you feel full before you have consumed enough calories. Consulting with a dietary professional might be beneficial.

6. Seek out sources of inspiration. Mental attitude plays a surprisingly significant role in a person’s ability to cultivate a lean, muscular physique. So, it’s important to have people that inspire you in your life or at least some sources of inspiration. Perhaps just watching YouTube videos from successful vegan bodybuilders could give you the burst of inspiration you need to remain motivated.

7. Remember that goals take time. What’s important is to ensure every day you are stronger than yesterday. Even those sticking to a strict diet and exercise plans don’t expect to see results for a couple of weeks. Therefore, don’t get disheartened by short-term setbacks. Just remain focused on your goals and follow your plan. Everything will fall into place eventually. You can then set new goals!